Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not mad about Mad Pizza

As your average impoverished twenty-somethings, Ashley and I spend a lot of time trying to  figure out the perfect place to eat.  Finding a place that is cheap AND has good food is like walking a tightrope; but instead of breaking your neck, you end up with a deep feeling of regret and self loathing.

Today, we decided to try a new pizza place.  Some of you may remember Ci-Ci's Pizza, that fabled bastion of endless cheap pizza.  Although the pizza was nice and greasy, the Health Department felt otherwise.  In its place, Mad Pizza was erected. 

At first glance, Mad Pizza seems pretty cool.  It has tootsie rolls and assorted other candies at the counter, along with a friendly staff and the prerequisite quarter vending machines everyone expects in their pizza venue.  The walls are covered in the mandatory Americana style.  The creamy yellow walls provide a warm atmosphere and contrast nicely with the stained concrete floor. 

However, things start to go downhill once you walk past the pizza buffet line.  Maybe it was the fact that it was only an hour and half until closing time, or maybe if was the fact that there was only one other occupied table in the whole place, but they only three types of pizza when we first got there.  One was some sort of taco salad pizza, then there was cheese, and one was plain old pepperoni.

The salad bar was wilted.  The olives were dried out.  And the pickles were hopelessly soggy. 

Luckily, the previously mentioned friendly staff will cook you any pizza of your request.  We requested Hawaiian (I have a thing for pineapples).  But this too, was a let down.  The pineapples were dry and tasteless (Ashley says they tasted bitter), the Canadian bacon was a weird grayish color, and the crust tasted like Passover bread.  It was pretty disappointing.

They did have a delicious desert pizza.  It consisted of pizza crust and some sort of goopy chocolate sauce (we believe it to be brownie mix mixed with milk) covered with chocolate chips. 

In closing, we do not recommend Mad Pizza.  And we're sad we'll see-see Ci-Ci's no more :(

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